About us

We abide by James 1:27 which reads, "Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you."

On any given day there are more than 10,000 children within the Washington State foster care system. 

Hand in Hand's mission is to provide critical care and support for displaced children entering foster care, foster families and those who serve them. We seek to address current gaps that exist in how children are received into the foster care system, including the most critical one, no immediate resources and assessments available to children ages birth through twelve years old in the first 24 to 72 hours after they are removed from their homes by Child Protective Services. 

We opened Safe Place as the first of it's kind, short term shelter, serving the needs of children in crisis in the greater Snohomish County region and beyond.

Our two core programs, Safe Place and Selah Homes, work in tandem to positively impact the immediate and long term safety and well being of foster children by addressing gaps in how children are received and cared for in the local foster system. 

Safe Place is a temporary front line shelter that provides urgent care and basic services for up to 72 hours for children ages 12 and under who have been forcibly removed from their homes by Child Protective Services due to violence, abuse, neglect, drug use and other dangerous circumstances. Beyond addressing the immediate physical and emotional needs of the children who are received into our care, we also strive to ensure the best home placement for each child and sibling group, thereby avoiding the further trauma of repeatedly moving children from one foster home to another. 

With this goal in mind, we created Selah Homes, a program that licenses and resources families to provide temporary foster care for up to 28 days while the best long term home placement is sought.

With the need becoming even greater in the Snohomish County Region, Hand in Hand is formalizing and growing in the area of support for family stabilization and child abuse & neglect prevention. Hand in Hand has served as a vital resource center for the Casino Road/Madison neighborhood in Everett, WA and through our newly launched, Village Impact Project (VIP) we address many vital needs of our surrounding community. Through VIP we run a community clothing exchange, emergency food program, provide school supplies, after school homework clubs including dinner, special field trips for the local children and resource referrals for families. 

This allows us to work proactively to help avoid the need for foster care as we connect high-risk families with appropriate support services. 

There is a great need for help and greatly appreciated! 

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